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The Network is made up of technology universities from around the world.

The Network is a consortium of the member universities. Membership requires the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and agreement between the members who meet the criteria and the payment of the subscription fee. The subscription fee covers the operational costs of facilitating the Network and the delivery of an annual Congress.

Membership enables collaboration among world technology universities as a network, and between member universities in bilateral and multilateral arrangements. This provides opportunities to win grants, and attract high-quality students, researchers and staff, and promote technology universities to government, industry, NGOs, and SMEs.

If you are interested in joining the Network, or to find out more information please contact the Network Coordinator, Sonia Jenkins on +44 (0)1274 233244

Structure and Governance

  •  a general board
  • an operational board
  • an annual congress incorporating board meetings and themed seminar

The general board consists of the Presidents, Principals, Rectors, Vice-Chancellors, or equivalent, of the member universities. The general board makes all the major strategic decisions, and meets annually at the congress.

The operational board consists of Vice-Presidents/Pro-Vice-Chancellors Research/International, or equivalent. The operational board discusses operational objectives regularly by email, helps support member activities (e.g. exchanges, collaborative research, joint teaching, etc.), and meets annually at the congress.

At the 2017 Congress Professor Brian Cantor, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bradford was proposed and endorsed as Chair of the General Board. The Chair’s institution will also be the Network Host and the University of Bradford will therefore be the inaugural host of the Network for its first three year period of activity (from 1st September 2017 – 31st July 2020).

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