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Discussing liveability indicators and key enabling technologies

Date of the exchange:
26 August – 02 September 2019

Dublin City University
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

“This visit promoted mobility and global citizenship opportunities and built on the early stage relationship between UFRN and DCU. (…) These projects address global problems.”

Professor Theodore Lynn, Dublin City University


Initiatives in progress

  1. A scalable urban liveability index that benchmarks 100+ cities worldwide, based on Uber data. This index will result in both scientific publications (4+) and public outreach through two events, a jointly managed website and report.
    Meetings were held to discuss how to scale this project. The project has been hindered by changes in Uber’s data policy. A Masters’ student was assigned to complete further research.
  2. Deepening and broadening of the collaboration between the IMD at UDRN and the IIDB at DCU in relation to key enabling technologies (e.g cloud computing, big data analytics, IOT, social media) and themes (future of work, future of IS, industry 4.0 etc.).
    A significant focus of the exchange was meetings with (i) researchers, (ii) UFRN administration, and (iii) the incubator unit. From a research perspective, two peer reviewed journals and two conference papers have been produced from these discussions to date and an open data set published. It is worth noting that both conference papers were presented at SBESC 2019 / LADC 2019 in Natal and that Ribeiro et al (2019) won a best paper award. In total, 7 publications have been generated as a result of the two WTUN exchanges between UFRN and DCU. These have been downloaded over 1,500 times to date.

Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Lynn, T., Endo, P., Rosati, P., Silva, I, Leoni, G. and Ging, D. (2019) ‘Data set for automatic detection of online misogynistic speech’. Data In Brief
    48 Reads
  • Santos, G., Endo,P., Monteiro, K., Silva, E.,Silva, I. and Lynn, T. (2019) ‘Accelerometer-based Human Fall Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks’. Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 19 (7)
    381 Reads

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

  • Ribeiro, V., Greati, V., Bezerra Batista Junior, A., Silvano, G., Silva, I., Endo, P. and Lynn, T. (2019) Brazilian Mercosur License Plate Detection: a Deep Learning Approach Relying on Synthetic Imagery IX Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering (SBESC 2019) , 19-NOV-19 – 20-NOV-19
    92 Reads
  • Bendechache, M., Silva, I., Leoni Santos, G., Affonso Guedes, L., Svorobej, S., Noya, M., Eduardo Ares, M., Byrne, J., Endo, P. and Lynn, T. (2019) Analysing dependability and performance of a real-world Elastic Search application 9th Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing , 19-NOV-19 – 20-NOV-19
    79 Reads
  • Lynn, T., Endo, P.T., Rosati, P., Silva, I., Leoni, G. and Ging, D. (2019) Detecting Hate Speech Online: A Comparison of Machine Learning Approaches for Automatic Misogyny Detection in Urban Dictionary IEEE Cyber Science 2019 Conference Oxford, United Kingdom, , 02-JUN-19 – 04-JUN-19
    282 Reads
  • Bezerra, A., Alves, G., Silva, I., Rosati, P., Endo, P.T. and Lynn, T. (2019) A Preliminary Exploration of Uber Data as an Indicator of Urban Liveability IEEE Cyber Science 2019 Conference Oxford, United Kingdom, , 03-JUN-19 – 04-JUN-19
    333 Reads
  • M. Bendechache, M. Cummins, P. Endo, T. Lynn, G. Santos, and I. Silva (2019) Assessing deep learning models for the forecasting of non-stationary crude oil price series. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], 3rd ECMCRC Workshop, Dublin, Ireland , 05-JUL-19 – 05-JUL-19


MOUs between DCU and UFRN

In addition to the research meetings, we signed formal MOUs between DCU and UFRN while in Natal. Meetings were held with the Rector, the International Office, the IMD Incubator Unit and others and additional meetings scheduled in Europe. Subsequently, UFRN attended (and sponsored) the 27th ICDE World Conference on Online Learning hosted by DCU in November 2019.


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