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Exploring ideas and knowledge on women entrepreneurship

Date of the exchange:
October 2019

Heriot-Watt University
Coventry University

“The expected outcomes and impact of the joint research (…) would positively impact on sustainable development of rural women in entrepreneurial activities”

Assistant Professor Gowrie Vinayan, Heriot-Watt University

Initiatives in progress

The exchange facilitated research/knowledge exchange and exploring ideas and knowledge on social capital and rural women entrepreneurship. The discussion/exchange centred around developing a sustainable non-monetary support system for rural women entrepreneurs by providing support in three areas:

a) market creation and access to business markets
b) enhancement of leadership and entrepreneurial support services
c) enhancement of social and personal capabilities.

The in-depth discussion culminated in a proposal to work on a research project investigating elements of Experience, Skills and Knowledge and its resultant effect on Bridging and Bonding. Essentially, the research would examine the two independent dimensions of social networks simultaneously— the strong ties (familial and social ties) and the weak ties (established legal and contractual norms and constructs) of women entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Specifically, the research would test the assertions of Granovetter (1977) who proposed that social capital plays a bridging and bonding view (subject to situations) in the success of entrepreneurs. The research would look into both the human such as Knowledge, Experience and Skills and its resultant effect on Social Skills ie. Strong tie and weak tie. The study used quantitative methods and PLS-SEM was used to analyse the data. The research is aimed at promoting a favourable business environment and building institutional and human capacities that will encourage and support the entrepreneurial initiatives of rural women.

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