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Bradford leads creation of a global technology Universities Network

Delegates from 30 world universities and 20 other institutions travelled from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and North and South America, together with leaders of major organisations and industry to the second World Technology Universities Congress hosted in Bradford in August 2017.

Last year’s Congress, also hosted by Bradford, considered the feasibility of creating of a World Technology Universities Network. This year’s event took that one stage further and formally launched the network, with a memorandum of understanding and statement of intent being signed by attendees.

The purpose of the network is to:

  • promote better understanding of the role and the characteristics of the technology university;
  • promote mobility and global citizenship opportunities;
  • collaborate on research and knowledge transfer to address global challenges;
  • develop position and policy statements;
  • facilitate links between world technology universities and industry, NGOs and SMEs;
  • share best practice, and provide opportunities for capacity-building among members.

University of Bradford Vice-Chancellor, Professor Brian Cantor, said: ‘Higher education, research, science and innovation are key drivers of economic growth, which depends on the positive exploitation of knowledge. Education transforms lives and societies, providing the route for technological advancement and social mobility.

‘By harnessing the combined strength, resource, expertise, experience and knowledge of a network of the world’s great technology universities, we will create a global alliance of the brightest and best, dedicated to making knowledge work for the benefit of society.

‘This is a significant development in how universities see their place in the world and will, I am sure, open up a future of immense possibility and capability. It will also be a significant moment in the history and development of Bradford and the wider region.’


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