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Hackathon for Climate Action

Please note that the WTUN Hackathon 2021 has already taken place and is now closed. Please see below for details and see here for the announcement of winners. Videos and presentations from the event will be available shortly.

The climate emergency is the defining crisis of our era, it poses a real global threat to all of us, however science tells us there is still time to avert catastrophe and by working together we can create a cleaner, greener and more resilient future.

Do you want to tackle responsible climate action?

Do you want to help solve a world issue?

Do you enjoy being innovative and coming up with new ideas and solutions?

Do you want to work in an international team with other students from across the world?

Do you want to improve your innovation and entrepreneurship skills through masterclasses from world leading experts?

Can you do all this in 48 hours???

We are welcoming all undergraduate and postgraduate students of our member universities to enter WTUN’s 1st innovation and entrepreneurship Hackathon.

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What is a Hackathon?

The WTUN Hackathon will be a 48 hour sprint event where you will be given the chance to address an issue around Climate Action. You and your team will have to decide on a part of the climate change problems and come up with a new product or service to solve this issue either locally, nationally or internationally. Over the 48 hours you will be given a number of tasks alongside a schedule of masterclasses to help you develop your product/service, enhance your skills and complete the tasks. This will all guide you into creating a final pitch presentation which you and your team will give at the end of the 48 hours to our panel of experts who will pick a winner – prizes are available for the top teams!

Who will I be working with?

Once you have registered for the event, we will assign you to international teams with students from other universities. You will then have some time to get to know them before the event kicks off on 29th June 2021.

Do I have to attend all 48 hours?

The event will be continuously over the 48 hour period but we understand it is hard to stay awake for that long! As you will have teams based around the world, you can split up some of the more difficult hours depending on timezones. However remember this is a colloboration event so you should all be working together as much as possible. Facilitators will be checking in on your progress in your breakout rooms and there will be new lectures, information and tips posted all throughout the event – you don’t want to miss anything!

How will this work?

The Hackathon will mainly take place as a Zoom meeting and students will be given their own breakout rooms. There will be tasks and templates to work on through Miro (a collaboration platform) and then at the end of the event all teams will be asked to give a short pitch on their new product/service. These will be judged by our panel of experts and we will select a winner.

How do I get involved?

  1. Register for the event (registrations are now closed).
  2. Attend the pre-event on Tuesday 8 June.
  3. Virtually meet your team and get to know each other before the Hackathon.
  4. Come with your team to the Hackathon beginning on 29 June 11:00am (UK time) – you will be sent a Zoom link before the event.
  5. Get innovating!


Video from the pre-event

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at wtun@bradford.ac.uk.

Good luck!

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