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Framework for Exchanges and Joint Research Meetings

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The 2018/19 WTUN budget year allows for 25 exchanges to a maximum individual exchange cost of £1,200 GBP.

These exchanges will provide opportunities for member institutions to explore or conduct other activities stated in the MOU included, but not limited to:

  • collaborative research between member universities;
  • capacity-building, including collaborative teaching initiatives among member universities;
  • developing position and policy statements;
  • facilitating links between world technology universities and industry, NGOs and SMEs;

The exchanges or joint research meetings must support the vision and purpose of WTUN as set out in the memorandum of understanding.

WTUN encourages applications that have the potential to contribute to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals identified by members as key areas for WTUN activity. These are:

  1. Good Health and Wellbeing
  2. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  3. Clean Water and Sanitation

In addition we encourage applications which seek to address the challenges around Gender Equality and Higher Education.

At least 50% of the applications approved should contribute to our focus on the identified UN SDG’s or on Gender Equality.

Exchanges can be between Professional and Operational colleagues as well as Researchers and Academics.

The applications will be considered for approval by the operational board (OB) chair and a select number of operational board representatives.

All proposals will be scored against the Exchanges Assessment criteria.

The following process outlines how to apply and conduct an exchange or joint research meeting:

November 2018 – Open Call for Exchanges and Meeting Proposals Advertised by WTUN Host Organisation
Identify exchange idea with other proposed exchange member institutions. Sending and Receiving institution link up and discuss ideas
Complete the WTUN Exchange Proposal Download the 2019 WTUN Exchange Proposal & Agreement and include sending institution
OB member e-approval and receiving institution OB member e-approval
Submit Proposal by 29 March 2019 Submit to wtun@bradford.ac.uk
Maximum of two proposals per sending institution
Proposals Collated and sent to Operational Board Representatives by 5 April 2019 By Network coordinator
Decisions from Operational Board Communicated with Network Coordinator by 30 April 2019 By nominated representative of the operational board
Outcome of review of proposal communicated to exchange applicant by 6 May 2019 Network coordinator to email applicants
Outline timescales for exchange and brief plan communicated to Network coordinator Successful candidates to send information to Network coordinator
Funds allocated to approved proposals Network coordinator to transfer cost of exchange to organising institution
Exchange conducted before 31 March 2020, with a summary and potential outcomes sent to Network coordinator within 30 days of completion Expenses and costs evidences and returned to coordinator
Exchange overview published on WTUN website and summary communicated with member institutions via a quarterly activities digest By Network coordinator

Please ensure that your exchange application has been approved by your institution’s Operational Board Member.

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