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WTUN Vision

The World Technology Universities Network is a network of global technology universities committed to undertaking cutting-edge, challenge-led research with direct benefits to people and society, and providing education for the next generation of global citizens who will have to respond to the world’s 21st century challenges.

Technology universities are at the heart of the 21st century information revolution, with countries worldwide competing aggressively to build knowledge economies.

Economic strength depends on high tech manufacturing and international trade, with a knowledge economy based on high-quality research, and a steady flow of highly-trained graduates.

This has created demand for both the research and the graduates from well-established technology universities like those in the World Technology Universities Network.

The Network launched at the second World Technology Universities Congress on 31 August 2017.

Our objectives

  • to promote better understanding of the role and the characteristics of technology universities across the world
  • to promote mobility and global citizenship opportunities
  • to collaborate on research and knowledge transfer to address global challenges
  • to develop position and policy statements
  • to facilitate links between world technology universities and industry, NGOs and SMEs
  • to share best practice, and provide opportunities for capacity-building among member

We will deliver these objectives through:

  • exchanges between member universities
  • collaborative research between member universities
  • facilitating links between world technology universities and industry, NGOs and SMEs
  • delivery of an annual Congress, hosted by a member institution around the World

Our vision

WTUN Vision

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