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Visualising Heritage, creating a virtual Bradford

The Visualising Heritage group at the University of Bradford has a longstanding interest in recording both buried and upstanding heritage across the globe. In recent years we have utilised our innovative approaches to create digital assets within the City of Bradford.

Working with the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council we have developed an innovative approach to design and deliver the UK’s first open digital twin model for the entirety of the City Centre, which will be complete by 2022 https://www.local.gov.uk/case-studies/bradford-district-council-digital-twin. The work is funded via the European Union project, Smart Cities + Open Data Re-use (SCORE).

An immediate use which the Council want to explore is to use the Digital Twin in their efforts to be the UK’s leading clean growth city district. However, the aspiration is to use the Twin for a multitude of uses; for example:

  • to stimulate investment
  • better management of the city
  • disaster management
  • urban planning
  • visualisation – Public participation and potential for better democratic purposes
  • augmented reality
  • tourism
  • encourage the use of the digital clone as an educational resource

Importantly, the Digital Twin will be an open access model that will be free to use without restriction.  As a result, the uses of the Digital Twin are only limited by one’s imagination.

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