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University of Bradford visits Atlantic Technological University


Whilst the WTUN delivers numerous activities which facilitate and/or fund international collaboration between members, we also encourage colleagues to initiate and foster their own connections outside of the network’s activities.


Assistant Professor Colins Imoh, from the University of Bradford, visited Atlantic Technological University’s Department of Law, Public Service, and Education.


Dr Colins Imoh with colleagues from Peace Studies at Atlantic Technological University.
Dr Colins Imoh (second from the right) with colleagues from Peace Studies at Atlantic Technological University. Dr Ciarán Ó hAnnracháin, ATU’s Operational Board Member is also pictured (far left).
His visit allowed him to engage in collaborative research activities. Below is a brief summary of the visit in Dr Imoh’s own words:


“I was hosted by the Department of Law, Public Service, and Education at Atlantic Technological University in Letterkenny, Ireland. During my stay, I engaged in research and collaboration activities, both on campus and in the community. I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and provide feedback in some classes. I gave a lecture on Peace and Conflict Resolution to final-year law students. Additionally, I met with an environmental group that advocates for a cleaner Donegal and provided insights on making their advocacy more impactful.


One of the highlights of my visit was giving a public lecture on the crisis in Gaza, titled “Building Peace and Justice in a Troubled World – Exploring the Gaza-Israel Conflict” on Tuesday, March 12th. The lecture aimed to understand better the conflict’s roots, the ongoing and evolving humanitarian crisis, and how a peaceful resolution may be found. It was a humbling experience to share my expertise with such a diverse and engaged audience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have made a difference. I received positive feedback from those who attended, and I hope my visit will inspire others to come together and positively impact their communities.”


His talk received positive feedback from students and staff, commending the opportunity his lecture presented to students to challenge their beliefs and “certainty” in a positive way and the balanced approach Dr Imoh used to discuss the “highly emotive subject of the conflict in Gaza”.


“The trip resulted in collaborative research and other activities. Currently, I am working alongside colleagues at ATU to explore the perspectives of young people on the Northern Ireland crisis. The main objective is to understand the impressions of those who were born after the Good Friday agreement in 1998.


Furthermore, I was invited to give a talk on 21st March 2024, to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The talk focused on the importance of being proactively non-racist instead of just avoiding being racist. The president of ATU was present during the online talk, which was well-received.”


Colleagues at ATU were grateful to Dr Imoh for his engaging talk and the insights he provided on antiracism.


We thank Dr Imoh for sharing his experience with us, and colleagues at ATU for collaborating.


If you, or your colleagues, are collaborating with WTUN member institutions and would like to share your experiences, please email wtun@bradford.ac.uk. 
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