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Dr Jacek Lewandowski

Campus Director
Coventry University Wroclaw

Dr Jacek Lewandowski is Campus Director for Coventry University Wroclaw and the Managing Director of a Coventry University Research Institute Europe (CURIE) based in Poland. He is an Experienced Lecturer and Researcher with a background in information technology with a PhD focused in Biomedical Computing, Sensor Networks and Pattern Recognition.

In his time as director of Wroclaw campus, Jacek has setup and is running the first overseas branch Campus of Coventry University in Poland. Working close with local authorities, business and NGOs, Coventry University Wroclaw has become an economic development partner for the region. In light of the recent war in Ukraine Jacek has spearheaded a scholarship that will help refugees fleeing war and other conflicts to continue their studies, demonstrating the commitment to support the wider global community in times of need and ensuring access to education.

Additionally, As an innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial business-engaged university, through Wroclaw campus Jacek continues to support development of strategic-level collaboration with businesses on a local, national and global scale. Some of the partner organisations Wroclaw campus works with include Collins Aerospace, IBM, regional special economic zones or government foundation for The Platform for the Industry of the Future (FPPP).

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