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Dr Kzysztof Paluch

Assoc Prof. Meds. Dev. Pharm. Sci. Director of Posgraduate Studies, Dep. Assoc. Dean of Research and Innovation
University of Bradford

Krzysztof J. Paluch is an Assoc. Prof. in Medicines Development and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Director of Postgraduate Studies and Dep. Assoc. Dean of Research and Innovation in Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Bradford.

Krzysztof is a pharmacist with a particular interest in pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical sciences (PhD, Trinity College Dublin, 2011) and project management (Assoc. Project Manager). His research interests focus on synthesis, physicochemical and biopharmaceutical characterisation of drugs particularly pro-antibiotics and pro-antioxidants. Krzysztof has expertise in screening and characterisation of novel salts, co-crystals and characterization of amorphous forms. Process technologies applied in his research group comprise; production of nanoparticles, spray drying, freeze-drying, hot-melt extrusion, tableting and others. Krzysztof has supervised 8 PhD students. In his role of the Director of Postgraduate Studies In the faculty of Life Sciences he oversees wellbeing and successful progression of PhD Students in Schools of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Chemistry and Biosciences, Optometry and Vision Sciences and Archaeology and Forensic Sciences. As Dep. Assoc. Dean of Research and Innovation, Krzysztof has shared responsibility for the development and delivery of the Faculty’s Research and Innovation strategy promoting interdisciplinary themes of: Interface of Chemistry, Biology and Materials, The Life Course, Computational and Data-driven Science and, Health Society People and Place.

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