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Dr Peet Morris

University of Oxford
Peet Morris

Dr Morris is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Oxford. He is also a consultant to NOHAZ (Neurons on Hybrid AlgorithmZ, www.nohaz.co). NOHAZ is an R&D laboratory that applies human and machine intelligence to innovation, problem solving, and product development. Finally, when asked, he is a sporadic lecturer here in the University of Bradford’s Faculty of Engineering & Informatics.

Peet spends most of his time thinking about thinking. His interests are broadly: Deep Learning; Computational Linguistics; Computational Neuroscience; Experimental Psychology; plus Software Engineering – because in the end, it all needs to be built fit-for-purpose. Previously, he co-founded, built, and then sold, a successful software house in the UK, and prior to that he was a Senior Developer at Microsoft.

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