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Dr Solomon Mombeshora

Director, Quality Assurance
Women's University in Africa

Dr Mombeshora is currently the Director of Quality Assurance at Women’s University in Africa. He was educated at the University of Cambridge where he obtained PhD and MPhil degrees in Social Anthropology and at the University of Zimbabwe where he obtained a BSc Hons Degree in Sociology. He taught at the University of Zimbabwe for more than 10 years.

He has 24 years of solid experience in policy relevant research in a broad range of areas including environmental governance, policy and sustainable development; alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in natural resources management; and evaluation of conservation and development programmes and projects especially Community Based and Transboundary Natural Resources Management initiatives in single and multi-country and multi-stakeholder contexts. He has practical experience in facilitating the development and strengthening of socially inclusive policy and institutional frameworks for sustainable community management of land, livestock markets, wildlife, forests, water and wetlands; resolution of land and natural resources based disputes, and enhancement of livelihoods in low and high rainfall eco-regions as well as quality assurance in higher education.

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