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MR Qusay Aljuboori

Doctor of Engineering Researcher
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Qusay Adnan is a Doctore of Engineering researcher, Malaysia since 2018, University Technology Malaysia (UTM). Earned positive feedback and recognition from faculty members for displaying dedication and academic excellence in engineering business management. Attended multiple webinars during UTM, such as the International Conference on Engineering Business Management (ICEBM), Ericsson Acceleration Session, Apple, Google, and Autokeen. Before that, he was help organisations to meet and exceed their goals at Telecom Companies (2006-2017). He is an analytical and results-oriented professional with strong expertise in driving operational plans for engineering sites and supervising IoT implementations. He has acquired a sound understanding of multifaceted issues faced by telecom and industry companies. Gain and develop robust knowledge of diverse aspects, including guidelines of industry 4.0 adoption and Framework of IoT to network machines and processes for industry information and communication technology. Here received his Master of Science in Manufacturing System Engineering (2016) from the University of Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Malaysia and his Habilitation the Application of Project Management Principles in UniMAP Wind Turbine Program (UWTP), Professionalism in Engineering Project Management from the same institution. As well as, competent in translating insights into understandable terms, specifying areas of improvement, shaping the long-range vision, and delivering process changes to enable IT transformation at scale and pace.

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