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Mrs Suha Ibraheem Hamad

Project Manager

Suha Hamad is a Project Manager since 2016, her responsibility as a project manager is in planning and forecasting risks and other technical project-related activities following the project management tools and engineering standards. Her passion for self-development, gaining experiences and benefiting from previous experiences in projects related to her work. Here received her Master of Since (2016) in Manufacturing System Engineering from the University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia and her Habilitation the Application of Project Management Principles in UniMAP Solar Shade Development & Implementation Program from the same institution. Before joining the UniMAP 2016, she served as a Senior Engineering at Mayoralty of Baghdad (2010-2014), Baghdad, Iraq. She is an active person on LinkedIn. She has a Bachelor’s degree, Electromechanical Engineering (2004). The field of study research was on the Calculation of cooling and heating loads for the buildings. She earned positive feedback and recognition from faculty members at UniMAP & University Technology Baghdad for displaying dedication and academic excellence in different fields during the study. As well as attendance multiple online webinars and others. And in general, While others take pride in meeting all standards set before them, her passion is for delivering service that goes beyond organizational expectations and creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

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