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Professor Mansoor Alaali

University President
Ahlia University
Mansoor Alaali

Professor Mansoor Alaali became President of Ahlia University in 2015. He joined Ahlia University in 2009 after a long academic career. Professor Mansoor’s research interest is applied computer science, data mining, algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Ethics. After graduating from the University of Teesside (UK), he gained his Master of Science and PhD from the University of Aston in Birmingham (UK). Prof. Mansoor is a member of numerous professional bodies. An editor and reviewer for international refereed journals, Professor Mansoor has written several books and numerous journal and conference articles; delivered keynote speeches; and is a committee member for local, regional and international conferences. Professor Mansoor is an author of the book, “Assessing University Governance and Policies in Relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic” recently published by IGI Global in September 2021. He was a member of Bahrain National Qualification Framework’s Verification Committee; previous roles include external consultant for international off-campus programmes of the University of Greenwich (UK) and the University of Sunderland (UK); and IT strategy and training Adviser to Bahrain’s Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. He worked as IT and business consultant, developing and advising on various major commercial solutions. Professor Mansoor is a board member and chairman of various community organisations.

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