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Tom Baker

Business Development Director
BT Global Services
Tom Baker

Tom is a fierce advocate of the development of smarter communities. It is people and communities that shape our cities and regions. The infrastructure, fabric and services of our conurbations need to be intelligent and built around the needs of citizens.

There are significant and complex challenges faced by society which need to be addressed by public services, businesses, academia, schools and communities working together.

Tom has a significant insight into elements of the UK’s transport infrastructure and underpinning systems having worked with Virgin Trains, Eurostar, VOSA and the Highways Agency. However it is his later experience where he has worked in a number of Technology and Information leadership roles with Middlesbrough, Sunderland (CIO) and Norfolk (CIO) Councils that have shaped his views on the future of public services. A common theme in these roles has been partnership, digital inclusion, a focus on economic regeneration and through a raft of activities to link and join services across the public service spectrum.
It is this insight and experience that has demonstrated to Tom that a the journey to becoming a Smarter Community starts with its people, that empowering a community is dependent on incubating innovation and fostering collaboration.

In his current role Tom is responsible for leading on a number of strategy areas including, health, local government and the Future City.

Creating the environment for collaboration, for innovation and for doing the right thing is a massive challenge even in today’s digital age. BT are proud partners in the Digital Health Zone, a ground breaking initiative lead by the University of Bradford. The aim of this programme to bring together citizens, care providers, the city administration, large and small business to address many of the health and care problems we see in Bradford and beyond.

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8 September 2016
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