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Vivi Søgaard

PhD Student
VIA University College
Vivi Søgaard

Vivi Søgaard is a sociologist by background (Aalborg University, Denmark). She has worked at VIA University College since 2005. She is currently a Ph.D. student. Her PhD-project focuses on motherhood, social class and the use of social robots in welfare interventions in Denmark. The research questions in her PhD are: 1) How are motherhood, gender and class constructed and negotiated in the encounters between marginalized women and social- and healthcare professionals participating in robot baby projects, 2) How do young women understand, interact and create mother-child relationships with robot babies. Vivi Søgaard is a member of the Health Technology and Welfare Centre. The Health Technology and Welfare Centre specializes in research concerning the social and ethical aspects of health technology including social robotics, telemedicine, augmented reality and AI. The commitment to strengthen and enrich the education in the health professions are at the core of the centre’s activity.

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