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University of Bradford

Operational Board Member

Professor Harris Beider
Pro Vice-Chancellor: Research, Innovation and Engagement

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Location: England, United Kingdom (Europe) 

Overview of University 

The University of Bradford (UOB) is focused on creating the conditions for social, cultural and economic impact and delivering research, innovation, and teaching which shapes the futures of individuals and societies. The University strives for a world of inclusion and equality of opportunity where people want to, and can, make a difference and, as a result, to drive sustainable social and economic development through outstanding teaching, research, and innovation. 

University Structure 

Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences

Faculty of Life Sciences

Faculty of Health Studies

Faculty of Engineering and Design Technologies 

  • Department of Mechanical and Energy Systems Engineering 
  • Department of Computer Science 
  • Department of Media, Design and Technology 

Research Focuses 

UOB has three main research themes with associated research centres. These are listed below: 

Health and Care: Seeking developments of new models of health care delivery, health promotion and technology-enabled treatment models to reduce the burden of avoidable illness, health inequalities and enhance the effectiveness of health and care interventions. 

  • Healthy Ageing and Dementia Studies 
  • Health Technologies for Quality and Safety 
  • Healthy Childhood 
  • The Life Course – Cells to Systems in Health and Disease
  • Computational and Data-Driven Science 

The Engineering Environment: Advancing the fundamental understanding of engineering and applied science to create technological solutions to real world problems and needs. 

  • AI and Visual Computing 
  • Healthcare Technology Innovation 
  • Sustainable Environments 
  • Smart Industrial Systems 

Sustainable Societies: Responding to global issues such as depletion of energy, food, water, and other resources to develop sustainable societies and supporting growth in economic, political and relational well-being for current and future generations through globally relevant resources and initiatives. 

  • Business Analytics, Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship (BACE) 
  • Archaeomagnetism 
  • Peace Studies and International Development 
  • Social Work and Social Care

For a summary of the university’s research work for the academic year 2022-23, please read here.

International Collaboration 

The University of Bradford has numerous partners and formal cooperation agreements both regionally and globally. 

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