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Hackathon Resources

Zoom Links:

Session 1: Including Opening and Check in #1 and #2

11:00am-22:59pm (GMT) Tuesday 28 November

Session 2:

23:00pm-10:59am (GMT) Tuesday 28 – Wednesday 29 November

Session 3: Including Check in #3

11:00am-22:59pm (GMT) Wednesday 29 November  

Session 4: Including Check in #4

23:00pm-08:59am (GMT) Wednesday 29 – Thursday 30 November

Session 5: Pitching Session!

09:00am – 11.30am (GMT) Thursday 30 November



Problem Identification

1. Identification of problem and initial idea: Paul Thorning, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice, University of Bradford (Live)
2. Overview of Design Thinking, Padraic Lynch, Lecturer in Design Thinking,  Atlantic Technological University (Live)

Problem Identification and Climate Action: Assistant Professor, Patipan Saelim, Associate Dean, Quality and Planning  KMUTT

Harnessing Design Thinking for Ideation to Foster Climate Action: Dr Martin Schoch, Assistant Professor, Lecturer School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT

Business Planning and Modelling

Slides: The Value Proposition WTUN Mr Lars Andersson

4. Stakeholder engagement/Impact assessment: Paul McCusker, Faculty of Business, ATU Donegal

5. Business Model Development, Dr Mullika Sungsanit, Vice-Rector for Engagement, Innovation and Entrepreneurship,  Suranaree University of Technology (Live)


Slides –Business Model for WTUN Hackathon2023 Dr Mullika Sungsanit

Finance and Funding

6. Potential Funding Opportunities: Dr Isobel Cunningham, Atlantic Technological University (Live)

Pitching and Presentation

Explaining the elevator pitch: Dr Gerald Weisz, FH OÖ – Fachhochschule Oberösterreich/University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

7. Pitch Preparation and Presentation Skills: Úna Quinn, Atlantic Technological University (Live)


Slides Pitch Development and Presentation Skills Úna Quinn


Hackathon Resources

Working virtually in a team

Problem Identification


Idea Generation


Business Planning and Modelling

Business Modelling

Target Audience/Users

User/Audience Need 

Question ladders

Marketing your Idea

People Connection Map & Marketing Mix

Customer & Value Proposition

Early Adopters


Finance and Funding

Theory of Change

Revenue Models

Cost Structures

Pitching and Presentation

How to Pitch

Pitch Deck


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