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Hackathon resources

Videos from our members

Identifying the initial problem the team should choose to tackle Climate Action

Working effectively and efficiently in an international team over Zoom

How to create effective and descriptive prototypes with the tools you have at home

Idea generation


How to identify your target market and research methods to enter the market

Lean Canvas

Target group and Persona

Empathy: Understanding users and their problems

Question ladders

How to interview


Define problem (User need statement /problem statement & HMW)

How to plan marketing strategies to launch your idea?

People Connection Map & Marketing Mix

Customer & Value proposition

Early Adopter


How to identify government funding available for climate action solutions

Theory of change

How to effectively allocate your funding for launching your idea

Revenue models

Cost structure

How to plan a 5-minute pitch?

How to pitch

Pitch deck

Tools and templates

Other tools and templates are available here (the DIY toolkits tools and VDOs).

Presentations and Documents

Climate Action Problem Identification – Simon Mair
Automation and Agile Processes for (Big) Data Analytics with Machine Learning – Daniel Neagu
Pitch Development – Ramesh Zaidi

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